Welcome to our farm Schmeli

The Schmeli Farm is situated in the touristy region Brig/Aletsch on the territory of the community Termen, 850 m above sea level. It is about 4 km west of the village Termen. The nearest city, Brig, is 2 km away.

The farm is surrounded by the nature reserve “Achera Biela” with its various flora and fauna. The area is a mixture of plains, fairly steep slopes and terraced flattenings. The meadows and pastures “Undri Biela” are multifariously delineated by a rich stock of hedge along brooks and irrigation canals.

The Schmeli Farm nestles in these open fields on a country plain.

The center of Brig is approx. 2 km and Termen approx. 4km away.

Our farm

We are farming the agriculturally productive land of 10.5 ha according to the guidelines of certified organic farming.

We care very much about the well feeling of our animals. Therefore all of our cows are horned and all of our animals are living in stablebarns, there they can move free with enough space.

It is our aim to farm in an entirely way. For that purpose we produce the most of our energy per photovoltaic installation.

We produce and market all our products by ourselves. We sell our products on the farm and each friday we are at the market in Visp and every saturday in Brig.


The biggest part of our farming is the dairy. In summertime we are mainly making hay, while the cows are on the alp.


There are many animlas on our farm: cows, heifers, pigs, horses, chickens, dogs, cats and lately two goats. In summertime (june to september) nearly all of our animals are on the alp, except the dog, cats and chicken.