Our Products

All of our products are produced to the guidelines of Bio-Suisse and KAG-Freiland.


We ship our cheese and dried meet by post.
The buyer pays the postage.

Order per via email, Contact or by telephone,
No: +41 (0) 27 - 923 0051

Thank you for your order.

Mutschli CHF 24,-/kg
Mountain Cheese CHF 24,-/kg
Plane cheese CHF 28,-/kg
Ziger CHF 14,-/kg
Raclette cheese CHF 22,-/kg
Horn cheese CHF 28,-/kg

Whole grain CHF 8,-/kg
Plaited bun 125g CHF 2,20,-
Plaited bun 250g CHF 4,40,-
Plaited bun 500g CHF 8,-

Beef jerky CHF 90,-/kg
Hamma CHF 65,-/kg
Sausage CHF 2,50/piece
Bacon CHF 40,-/kg

Fresh meat (in autumn)

Package 10kg CHF 280,-

Pig meat (in autumn and spring)

Package 10 kg CHF 220,-

The meat is evacuated and packed in portions.

Milk past. CHF 1,90/litre
Egg CHF 0,75/egg
Elder sirup CHF 6,-/5 dl
Curry-courgettei sweet-and-sour CHF 7,50,-

During summertime the cows are on the alp, therfore the following products are not available in this time:
Ziger and milk.